OOTD Blue scoop Neck top and Ripped Denim

when I feel i have nothing to wear in my closet or in my mind.... I go for simple.

I love to wear blue on blue, so I picked this Scoop neck blue full sleeves Top and Ripped denim for casual yet elegant look :)

Added a watch to complete the look and avoided statement neck pieces to keep the look minimal.

Outfit Tip- If you are picking both the Colors from same group try to keep the difference of two shades and add neck piece that is close to dark one.
One can opt for dark pink and light pink contrast, sounds so soft and feminine :)

Scoop neck blue Top- Mango
Ripped Denim- Mango
Watch- Casio Sheen (silver)


Happy Shopping!

Home Remedy for Soft and shine hair (Olive Oil and Avocado Hair mask)

I love oils in my Homemade masks, adding another spoon of olive oil in this mix <3

Sea soul mud mask review

Don't worry, I love short and summarise review too, so won't mention the unnessary story why I purchased, how, what, bottle packaging, etc etc....

Here is the summarised review for SEA SOUL MUD MASK

Price - R145 approximately 
Good for oily and combination skin
I don't get any allergy after using
Good for black heads, won't remove black heads but good to detox
Works on active acne, I see the size gets reduced after every use.
It makes pores size less 
Slow working on blemish, but yes it works
Control shines
Won't make skin too much dry
You will get hydrated and oil free skin

A good mask, not bad to invest as it sounds natural and I really don't see any leftover reaction like chemical's . So, I am using on active acne these days and I felt, it is working on acne blemish and scars are getting lighter. I am keeping it for my travel diaries because i see positive results to reduce acne size :)

Use once in a week for 10 minutes for oily and combination skins.
Can be used 3 times in a week only on active acne for 5 to 7 minutes

P.S - Dead Sea skin products are oily skin's best friends :) one must invest in good Dead Sea skin products, specially masks.

DOLCE and GABBANA EDP (A token of love)

A very happy new year to all the visitors and readers.

Today I am gonna review a gift from my FIRST client for being her personal shopper. She GIFTED a beautiful and a mesmerising DOLCE and GABBANA- (the one) EDP to me. This is the lace edition from Dolce and GABBANA.

This is truly amazing and warm fragrance to define feminine attitude. Ladies who are not into flowers and fruity smell, like me... This master piece is for them.

Can be used in day and night both
Very sophisticated fragrance 
Premium range 
Long lasting

Rahiba, i am glad you liked all the items sent to you, honestly I equally enjoyed while shopping each item for you.

Thanks once again for trusting me as an individual and showing patience in coordination.

Well Rahiba khan (Pretoria, South Africa) is my first client who gave me a very first opportunity for being her personal shopper. It was my honour to buy accessories and apparel for her closet. She made me so much comfortable during purchase time, we coordinated through video calls and what's app chat. 
I appreciate Rahiba's choice and at the same time glad she liked each item.

Raze Mehra

Years of oily skin- A small thesis

If you have acne prone skin.....then you must have a a haul with so many brands including gel face washes, some success and some failures products, those green tea toners, blemish and spot gels, emergency acne creams, bottles of tea tree and rose marry oil, organic and premium masks, so many alcohol and non alcoholic toners, rose water to aloe Vera gel jars..... And they must have tried and tested almost all organic and premium brands.

I am the one who suffered from acne for almost 4 to 5 years with two to three acne everytime on my face. I read number of blogs and references, tried home remedies on every alternate day, from honey to cinnamon, from Vichy to neutrogena...... Almost everything I kept in my haul and came to a conclusion that "Everyone has unique skin and should be pampered in such a way and no moment should be spoiled just because of a single acne or spot on face. After all you are recognised by your style not by your spots. No one remembers you had a zit on jawline on your valentine's day except you :) "

Here is my conclusion from my acne diaries:

1) Identify your problem first- 

What type of acne issue do you have? Is it1-2 acne, several acne, painful zits, acne and high blemished, only blackheads, whiteheads those are converted into acne within a week,  rosecca ? Or acne on forehead due to dandruff ?... What exactly your problem is ? Only your dermatologist can identify your problem, I would highly recommend to consult a dermatologist, if you are facing adult acne or having acne more than 6 to 8 months and if problem gets worst then, immediately stop using cosmetic products and make up. Strictly follow your dermatologist's prescription.

2) Combination and Oily Skin, they both are completely different-

Yes, 90% of oily skin products do not work on combination skin, in fact combination skin gets worst and gets more blemished due to the continue use of gel products and lack of hydration. Like Body shop's tea tree face wash is too heavy for combination skin, because it is specially made for oily skin. So understand your skin first and use something water based for combination skin instead of using all gel based products in your daily routine. 
But for oily skin strict to the gel based products and if you wear makeup then strict with gel or silicon based light weighted primers and foundations.

3) Masks are your friends-
Masks heal acne better and give positive results more than moisturisers and toners. Trust here, One must have a good quality mask.....doesn't matter what skin type you have. Masks purify your skin and detox the impurities with deep cleaning of pores. So invest in excellent quality of mud/clay mask first.

4) large pores is the problem more than acne-
To keep your pores shrink, don't forget to  use toner after every wash. Try to use natural toner like rose water or non alcoholic toner. Boil few leaves of  Rosemarry or green tea in one cup of water and keep the liquid in a small spray bottle for regular use.

5) Your skin needs scrubbing -

Needless to say, if you have black heads go for scrubbing at least once in a week. 
Make sure to use small granules with gel based formula to stop inflammation on skin. From kitchen, Oats are best to scrub to remove dead skin without hurting acne.

6) Keep an emergency acne cream/ mask/Aloe Vera gel for special day.

If your doctor has prescribed a medicated emergency cream, try to keep in a small Jar for your travel route or just use twice, before your special day. An alternate to this, use your suitable mask twice in a day only on acne to reduce their size or simply apply aloe Vera gel to cool down the heat of acne.

7) Water Water Water-
Do I need to mention? :) You just need to buy a stylish sipper to play and drink or keep small bottles of 100 ml in your handbag to drink in your car or in your office bay.

8) Nothing worst than poking acne-
In case a face wash or a moisture does not suit you it would show bad effect only for 4 to 5 days but poking an acne with your nails will stay on your face at least for 40/45 days..... Unfortunately it's damn true. So pledge today, you are not gonna poke or peel any of your acne. 

9) PMS is the Game ruler-

If you get acne and blackheads just 14/15 days before your next mensturation cycle than you might have issue with hormones and that's very common among 8 out of 10 ladies. The one who suffers adult acne and do not add green veggies in their daily meal and not even go for a routine walking/ jogging then no skin products works on their acne, does not matter how premium their products are. They should strictly take care of their diets.
Almost every women notice a slight change in her skin texture just after their last day of mensturation day. They find their skin more soft and radiant after periods.

10) last but very important :)

Acnes are temporary and can be cured if taken care of diet with a healthy daily routine..... Every woman is beautiful despite any shape, color or any skin texture. They should be pemperd, so if you are not gonna love yourself first, remember none will gonna love you back. So keep your acne creams in side for two minutes and think about how beautiful you are and get your confidence back. Just start with a small change to incorporate a healthy routine and you will notice big difference to celebrate big moments :)

My Additional tips- 
I use A soft cheese cloth to wash my face, I simply pour a drop of my face wash on the fabric and rub in circular motion for 40/50 seconds to deep clean my pores and use a homemade toner (2 spoons water and 1 drop of tea tree oil), and I never leave my skin without moisturiser despite any acne. 

Every women has good skin, so pamper and take care of your skin to look young and radiant forever :)

Budget shopping from Mr price for New Year 2016

I am glad to share the party starter haul that is just hot and fabulous, and it is super budget friendly from the shelves of Mr Price.

Incorporate your old jeggings with this new Red turtle neck tank (R89) and lace up stiletto (R179) and team up with a metallic cream clutch(R79) and earrings for (R19) from Mr price itself to make the look minimal.

Total pinch in pocket: R347
Add on for the look: Heat your rollers and a coat of red hot lipstick.

In case you are already over with RED dose due to Christmas time then play black with monochrome look again under budget.

Total pinch in pocket: R356

Bodycon dress: R99, Quilted clutch: R59, Earrings: R19, black lace up Heels: R179

Add on: Gel in hair for sleek nd straight look and a lip layer of PURE PLUM for all those sexy wine glasses kisses.

Trust here, Mr price is a truly budget friendly outlet.

Stay tuned,
Shopping and Shops 

OOTD blue and white stripes bodycon dress

OOTD is a Navy blue and white stretchable body con dress.

Tip- you would never go wrong by adding some pop of colours, match same color accessories may be a pair of stud, bracelets, handbag or a statement necklace with your pout. 

Why not clinique's strawberry pink lipstick with a pink detailed necklace/bracelet or bling with a red sling bag with Mac's ruby woo. 

Here my shopping list includes:
Blue and white dress from Marks and Spencer
Pink Pout from Clinique 
I added a navy blue handbag from dune london(India) to accentuate blue stripes in dress.

Welcome Summer! Smoothie

Just an easy recipe for summer with some basic and exotic fruits. A layer of some ice cubes is too refreshing to start Sunday morning.

I added half bowl of strawberries, Apple, banana grapes and my favourite avocado.

So good for skin and bones, gives super kick to start the day!

Here is my day booster! 

Best Bakery products- Woolworth vs Spar vs Food lovers

In South Africa you will get so many stores for bakery. like in India Samos and kachoori (Snacks) can be found in each street.... Yum Yum!

If you have a stay for few days in South Africa or maybe you are a new Expat, then you would like to invest only in the best stores instead of buying and trying from each one. Well let me add here, people do cook yummy bakery cupcakes and regular bread, including teen kids.

Let me share my review and personal experience for bakery items with:

WoolWorths foods

I am ranking Woolworth bakery items as excellent for their premium Tiramisu, cupcakes, loaf, breads, French pan, Chocolate twist, regular breads and buns etc...... I meant almost all bakery items. Repeating my words for Tiramisu and cupcakes, ten out of Ten. Avoid Rye Bread (it is actually made of sour dough). Woolworth has taken care of their food quality in presentation and for health perspectives too. They do use premium and high quality ingredients like cocoa, chocolate, milk, flours, edible colors and other self-raising ingredients in good proportionate. You won’t get sour/tingling taste in cupcakes and Tiramisu due to self-raising ingredients or other decorating topping as sugar icing or whips.

You can eat their bakery items blindly with all your family members. Woolworth food has already taken care of your taste and health. Let me add it is a bit expensive among all other major food brands, but their price is worth to quality that comes in our plate and goes in our mouth. All bakery items smell so hot and taste incredibly mouth watering.
My favorite bakery product form Woolworth food is Chocolate Cupcakes and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Spar bakery products

While buying regular vegetables for daily needs, i found spar do deal in regular bakery products mostly in Breads, loafs and cakes. Well, you will get these fresh made buns and breads at reasonable price and they are good in quality too. Most of the products has good expiry date. They also deal in wide range of breads like Brown, wheat, rye and milk bread etc. Their fresh baked banana loaf and regular mini buns are most selling items.
You can add Spar's bakery products on your breakfast table without pinching your pocket and don't worry about the quality, they are good into too :)

Food Lovers

If you have a party at home then straight rush to the food lovers bakery corner. I saw a giant store with number of bakery products that covers taste of almost all communities. You can get Portuguese Bun, French loaf, Garlic buns, Breads, regular buns, colourful and designer donuts. You will get lots of option for Breakfast and lunch ready products (Including Sushi).
My suggestion is - This is the best store, if you have a party at home or get a call from uninvited guests. Grab those cupcakes, donuts and ready to eat lunch servings without disturbing your budget. They do have average quality in their bakery products.

Bakery products from Checkers and Pick and Pay has good quality too. you can try their ready to eat pizzas, loafs and donuts. They are almost close to woolworth's quality.

You might feel craving after reading this yummy article, isn't? Check your fridge right now :)

For more shopping habits, stay tuned with us!

A bowl of Blueberries and Raspberries are Anti aging and works best for post acne scars.

I love berries, i incorporate berries in my salads and everyday smoothies. They are like boosters for skin. i noticed continues consumption of berries produce collagen for skin. You will get rid of scars and wholes from your face (generally Oily skin/ Acne skin people have post acne, I am talking about a kind of minor wholes on the surface of skin).

Needless to say, they are super hydrated and helps in skin texture.

So add a couple of berries in your food and say no to aging, they are super rich in Vitamin C and superior being antioxidants.